Will We Still be Gambling in the Future?

Have you ever wondered if somewhere down the line, far into the future will we still be playing games of chance like we do now?

We have all caught an episode of Star Trek or some other science fiction show and their depictions of what the future will look like. And in most of them we are still playing games of chance. Who can forget that famous scene in StarWars where Han Solo is in the bar and Obi Wan and Luke walk in to find a pilot? Lots of gambling going on there. But will we still be playing the classic games that we all know and love so much?

If we look back over time, let’s say the last couple of hundred years of gambling history we can see certain patterns evolving. Some games come and go, but those games that truly capture the imagination of the gaming public tend to stay. Remember that poker and blackjack or slots and keno have not been around that long, but when they came onto the scene they stayed right through to today. A thousand years ago there were other games of chance based on the technologies of the time. Some are still kicking around in altered versions that you can pick up in your games store under historic games, but if you think about it they couldn’t have card games back then because the printing technology didn’t exist.

Now our gambling has moved to the online casino world, so it would seem logical to assume that the further advances in gambling will probably be involving technology making the experience more real, or more convenient.

Star Trek tells us that 300 years from now we will be still playing poker and wagering credits instead of cash dollars, but the game will still exist.

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The Tribal Man as a Reflection of the Modern Gambler

Prehistoric man, with a decision to solve or a problem to resolve, sought to know the will of his gods by divining or skrying. The medicine man, the Magus, the shaman or the private diviner shuffled or tossed sticks, bones, cards, or dice and indulged in any behavior believed useful to presage the future, propitiate luck, or win supernatural advice. How many of us today indulge in our own small rituals of petitioning the gods or goddesses of divination and chance as we sit before our laptops while playing online roulette, poker, blackjack or craps?


Native Americans, like the men of “all” earlier civilizations, believed that their gods were the originators and sponsors of gambling games and made the games their very own. The twin elements of chance & divining were inextricably linked as when the Onondagas at various feasts or festivals, played a sort of dice to predict the next year’s crop harvest, basically using the very same game on which they bet their possessions in gambling sessions during the rest of the year.

Ancient caves in Australia also showed evidence of gambling activities as well. Can you imagine how these people would react to a modern online casino in Australia?

Stones were ground down into rough squares with rounded ends and were painted white on half of the faces, black on the opposite ones. Sound familiar to you? Gambling was often an incidental diversion during ceremonies. The tribal members divided themselves into teams and bet on the results of their play. This could be the scene for any gambling event at either a brick and mortar or online casino.


Challenged and challenger chose their champion gamblers who prepared for days ahead, shunned the company of their wives, fasting for 24 hours before the game and spending part of the preceding night with their support staff practicing shaking the dish that contained the dice. When they went to sleep that night they hoped for propitious dreams and in the morning any familiar objects they had dreamed about were collected and taken along to inspire good luck. And old men were regarded as the personification of good fortune.


It was not uncommon for a venerable patriarch to perch on the shoulders of a stalwart young man, sometimes the ace gambler’s back himself on the way to the scene of the duel. This could be the scene from any poker, blackjack, craps, roulette or other casino tournament. The parallels are quite uncanny. The next time you login to you favorite online casino, take out a moment and remember what it is that makes these games we love so much so enduring over the thousands of years of recorded history.

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Casino Technology’s Game to be Featured on Playtech Platforms

And again we are seeing that mega-bastion of casino software Playtech back in the news again. It just seems like they are always hitting the headlines of the gaming industry periodicals. And with good reason.

Online casino software system provider Playtech has proclaimed a co-operation agreement with games manufacturer Casino Technology as a portion of a move to strengthen its games foundation. Under the deal, 5 of Casino Technology’s hottest game titles are to be featured across Playtech platforms throughout 2014.

Operators that make use of Playtech’s cross-platform technology are able to supply the new titles to players on platforms like desktop, mobile, tablet and retail machines.

As you all probably know, Playtech plc is one of the premiere gaming software development companies and was founded in 1999. Playtech provides software for online bingo games, online sports betting, mobile gaming, online casinosonline poker rooms, live dealer games… the list goes on and on. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange and they are also a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.  All 5 titles will be accessible through Playtech’s retail subsidiary Videobet.

Shay Segev, Playtech’s chief operating officer has stated that the company believes that the combination of Casino Technology’s games with their cross-platform answer can produce the last word player expertise and can contribute enormously to their one-stop shopping answer and their retail providing specifically.

Over at Casino Technology the vice-president of sales, Rossi McKee stated that expansion on the world market area and popularization of the merchandise through convergent platforms is lining up with the new targets that Casino Technology has committed at its 15th anniversary. In other words they are head over heels happy with the way this has all played out.

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